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Putting up your awning

Its as easy as 123

Don’t worry about setting up caravan awning. Erecting an awning is a lot like riding a bicycle: once you’ve mastered it you never forget how to do it.That said, staying balanced while pedaling is a skill that doesn’t change between makes or models of a cycle. Awnings, however, do vary on the details and they are easier to master with two people. Besides reading the instructions carefully, the job will be made a good deal easier with a bit of preparation. All frames are made up of three sub-assemblies: the vertical legs; the front right and left sections that join the center and corner vertical poles; and the roof poles. Half the battle is just trying to decide which pole is which.

Once you have identified the front frame, the only poles left will be for the roof, and they are easily recognized by the hooks at one end.

Got better things to do with your time.  See below for the easy blow up awnings.

Airdream Lux 390 Pop Up Awning

Airdream Lux 390 Pop Up Awning


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