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Caravan TourGeneral

Planning your first caravan trip

Planning your first caravan tour??? Don’t worry ….. We have summarised almost everything you need to know for your first caravan trip Make a Checklist There is a lot of…
Traveling in groupsHoliday Stories

Benefits of jaunting in groups

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4 Berth Caravan – Coachman, Bailey, Elddis

Then I decided to write on Caravans, so as to give clarity to couples like her, who want to plan a holiday but are afraid of due to similar concerns…
Caravan awning side viewProducts

Caravan Awnings

Awning installation is super easy. Instructions are listed in this article. Follow them and go ahead with your day.   Don’t worry about the stormy weather. Here are some pieces…

2 Berth Caravan

2 Berth Caravan with end shower and toilet Bring your dreams for open road adventure to life by booking a home away from home in one of our modern luxury campers. Campers make the journey easier by providing a comfortable place to…
Snow covered MountainsFavourite Activities

Recommended “Must Do’s”

Recommended Activities to do in New Zealand New Zealand is amazing with so many wonderful things to do.  We would love you to share your experiences so we can make…
People looking at a man carving the stoneGreat camping spots

Favourite places to stay

Recommended places to stay in New Zealand Your favorite camping spots. You can choose to stay in a camping ground.  Camping grounds provide facilities such as toilets, showers, laundries and…
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Testimonials Feedback occurs when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs as part of a chain of cause-and-effect that forms a circuit or loop. The system can then be…
caravans by the side of seaCaravan vs Motohome

Caravans are best

Caravan vs Motorhome Having trouble deciding if you want a caravan or a motorhome.  It can be difficult to decide what to buy or rent.  It's a big decision. Below…
a lady holding a wonderful creatureHoliday Stories

Funny Holiday Stories

Holiday war stories.  Please share your funny adventures They say laughter add years to your life.  We all have those moments you know you are just going to laugh about…
bird - Stewart IslandGeneral

Random things to share

Random things to Share. What is happening at NZ4U2U We have lots of things going on in our hood.  Sometimes we just want to share those things with you. Please…
2 modern luxury caravans on roadNews

Driving in New Zealand

The best way to explore the beautiful country is by car and caravan. Leave all your worries at home and plan a holiday with Nz4u2u Modern luxury caravans on rent.If…

Things to Do

New Zealand has so many amazing  things to do Take a peek at the video gallery for a glimpse of all New Zealand has to offer   We don't know really…
information centreNews

Information Centres

Free information centers in New Zealand are known as i-sites   There are more than Eighty(80) i-SITEs located nationwide providing a free service to help you with your holiday. Official Network The i-SITE…
4 berth caravan by lakeNews

Finding a Camp Site

New Zealanders are passionate about camping.   As a land of the outdoors and with unpredictable weather, it's not surprising that exploring by caravan is a preferred accommodation option  …
Group having fun at Hot Water BeachNews

Weather and Seasons

No matter the time of year, New Zealand's weather is great for travelling. It really is true that you can spend your morning skiing the peaks, and have a swim…
Traditional dance New zealandNews

New Zealand people

New Zealanders are known for being some of the most friendly and down-to-earth people    New Zealand has become a melting-pot population, with European,  Pacific Island, and Asian cultures adding to the…
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