Love to travel in groups ???

Here are the tips to get the most out of it…..

Enjoyment gets double when we get a good company to have fun with. Just like double dates, you can plan caravan vacation with friends or relatives to add spice to it.

Just make sure you are not travelling in a large convoy. Two or three caravans are good for many reasons. You can easily get parking space near each other. To keep the real fun of travelling intact, small groups are the best. This way there would be fewer clashes and more adventure. Less possibility of getting split into sub-groups. ”

Involve every member of the group while preparing the itinerary. This way everyone gets the chance to perform the activities of his choice. The real fun of travelling in a group is, you get to explore the activities which were not in your bucket list and there is a possibility that you like doing that otherwise we often feel reluctant to come out of our comfort zone to try something new and exciting.

Another very nice way to keep everyone involved is by nominating a different person as group leader each day. There is always an enthusiastic person in the group who does more research than you and you can use that knowledge and can experience the things you didn’t even know. While preparing the itinerary, make sure there is a free day which families or couples can spend on their own, the way they want as they are on their vacation.

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