Caravan vs Motorhome

Having trouble deciding if you want a caravan or a motorhome.  It can be difficult to decide what to buy or rent.  It’s a big decision. Below we have started a list of some of the common differences which might help you in reaching a decision.  In the end, it really comes down to personal preference.  Because we will not have captured all the key things.  We encourage you to please share your ideas and views so that everyone can benefit from all our combined wisdom.

Caravans can be easier to drive and allow for greater flexibility because you can decouple your car once you reach your destination. Because they are lighter a car and caravan will consume less petrol than a motorhome. Have a look at the caravans to know more.

Motorhomes can be considered more rugged and can carry more weight. Motorhomes are easier to reverse and move around in small spaces.

Tell us what you think?   We want to bring together all the key decision criteria in one place.  Share your thoughts on the big debate of what is best. Caravan vs Motorhomes