Common Questions

Do I need a special driving licence to tow a caravan in New Zealand?

No all you need is an international driving licence for a car.

Will I need a special tow bar for my car?

No our caravans have been refitted with a traditional NZ 1 7/8 tow ball.   If you have ny questions email us on info@nz4u2u.com.

Can I pick up the caravan or drop the caravan off to another location in NZ?

Generally no, we are based in Christchurch – however we can be contacted and arrangements can be made for an additional fee.  You can reach us for these enquires at info@nz4u2u.com.

Will I need bedding? Do I have to have the Linen hire package?

If you have a 4 berth or larger caravan it will come with bedding for the fixed bed/(s).  This will cost $50 for 2 people.  You must use our hire bedding package for the fixed beds.  You can supply bedding yourself for the other non permanent beds.

What size are the beds?

2 Berth: The front lounge converts into either two single beds (1.85m x 0.64m each) or one double bed (1.88m x 1.45m). 

4 Berth with fixed single beds: The front lounge converts into either two single beds (1.80m x 0.64m each) or one double bed (1.88m x 1.39m). There are also two rear fixed beds (1.88m x 0.66m).

4 Berth with a fixed island bed: The front lounge converts into either two single beds (1.80m x 0.64m each) or one double bed (1.88m x 1.39m). The rear fixed bed folds at the head to create more space (1.88m x 1.37m).

5 Berth: The front lounge converts into either two single beds (1.80m x 0.64m each) or one double bed (1.88m x 1.39m). The rear bunks are fixed (1.85m x 0.66m each) and the rear single bed (1.88m x 0.66) transforms from a seating and table area.

Will I need to stay at caravan parks?

No, our caravans are certified freedom camping compliant.  This means you can camp in approved freedom camping zones. 

How can I find a camp site?

There are many apps out there which can help you to find different camping sites. We recommend Campermate.

What if something goes wrong?

You can contact us on info@nz4u2u.com or ring 022 0694 828.  Please do not text this number as texts are not monitored.

How will I dispose of grey water (sink waste) and black water (toilet waste)?

New Zealand has many dumping stations. You are able to use these to dispose of waste.  See the NZMCA link for the dump station closest to you. www.nzmca.org.nz.

What comes in my caravan?

Your caravan comes stocked with a range of kitchen appliances for cooking and eating as well as basic cleaning and operational tools. We recommend that if possible you bring your own pillow as sleep comfort is different for eveyone.

Can I get my caravan delivered?

Yes just select your destination during the checkout process and the costs of delivery will be added to your booking.

Something in my caravan is not working correctly

Download the relevant instruction sheet to get a copy of the instructions and flowchart of common problems

  1. fresh water system
  2. waste water system
  3. gas oven and gas system
  4. heating and hot water system
  5. black water (toilet) system
  6. fridge
  7. 12 volt and 240 volt systems
  8. important things to remember

Contactless pick up and delivery - what do I need to bring?

You need to bring your booking number and driving licence and ensure your car has a 1 7/8 tow ball, 7 pin trailer plug and that your car is capable of towing your caravan. 

Useful videos on how to operate the caravan

Select the following links for useful videos

How do I operate my Heating and Hot water system?

Download this PDF and follow the instructions to operate your Truma heating and hot water system

Where can I fill my gas bottle?

Many Caltex Service Stations run a fill your gas bottle program .  There is one at Caltex Bishopdale 318 Harewood Road and Caltex Avonhead at 202 Withells Road.  You may also use any swap a gas bottle service.



Where can I empty my toilet or black waste?

You must only empty black waste into approved dump station sites or into another toilet.  Using a toilet is a very messy way of doing it and it makes it hard to rinse out.    BP at 661 Russley road are a free approved dump station close by.


I cannot get the caravan hitch onto the car

If you car tow ball is unusually high or low you may need to reposition the sleeve of the jockey wheel on the shaft to change the range of height the jockey wheel can adjust.  See this pdf for detailed instructions on how to do this.


What if my battery runs low?

Your caravan does come with a spare battery.  This can be found under the seat on the right hand side of the caravan at the front.  Please contact us so we can assist you with completing the change.  It is important that you be careful to ensure the negative and positive terminals do not touch or this will cause the fuse to blow.


My fridge is not turning on connected to the gas supply

It is possible that there is an airlock in the system.  Please disconnect the gas bottle and give the regulator a few taps and then reconnect it.  This will clear the airlock.  Sometimes you may have to leave it an hour and retry.


My fridge has stopped working and the warning triangle is flashing

This is likely because your battery level has dropped below the required level to operate the fridge.  Please check your battery level and recharge your battery by plugging into a power source.


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