Planning your first caravan tour???

Don’t worry ….. We have summarised almost everything you need to know for your first caravan trip

Make a Checklist

There is a lot of stuff which needs prior planning to avoid last minute rush. Make sure you write the stuff otherwise there are chances you can miss some of the items. Tick the items which you pack to keep a check.

Pack the usual stuff which you need for yourself. Other than that some essentials include towing aid, wheel chocks, caravan jack, sway control device, towing mirrors, extra coolant and oil, a spare fan belt, and insulation tape.

Ensure Caravan safety before you depart

  • Make sure towing aid is fitted correctly
  • Check all drawers and loose items are secure
  • Check doors and windows lock. They should be properly locked
  • Do not forget to remove wheel chocks, the jockey wheel and raise the caravans steps.
  • Make sure lights of both your vehicle and caravan are operational and all tires are inflated correctly.

Follow below guidelines for your safety

  • Don’t be too hard on the accelerator; for the sake of safety and fuel economy. It is okay to drive slow as towing a caravan takes some time getting used to it.
  • At slow speed, be mindful of traffic behind you and use slow vehicle turnouts where possible.
  • Remember to take your time, don’t panic and work as a team while parking. Take the help of your travel partner to slowly back your caravan into the park.

General Tips

  • Additional factors to consider – turning off the gas, disconnecting electrics, and removing water and wastewater supplies.
  • Have an early start –  when towing a caravan for the first time you will feel much more confident driving in light traffic.

Practice set-up routine once

If you don’t want to waste time figuring out how to set up a caravan site, it is better to practice it with your travel partners once.

This way you will get to know which routine works best for you. With time setup would come naturally. But for the first few times, following the instructions will save both time and energy.