Tiny Homes for Hire South Island

Off Grid options available

Our modern fleet of tiny homes ensures you can be comfortable

Fully insulated, walls, floors and ceilings

Self contained options with off grid 12 volt power, composting toilets and gas heating and hot water

You just need the location and we will transport your tiny home to you

Weekly hire agreements.  Minimum 3 months

Modern and well maintained. Every unit like new

Pet friendly

We set up the caravan for hire business and received so many inquiries from around the country wanting semi permanent transportable accommodation.  Our holiday caravans were primarily aimed at short to medium holiday makers.  So we created NZ4U2U tiny houses.  These tiny houses are a real home away from home with all the comforts of home packed into a small space.  They can be transported readily around the county and provide a great temporary mobile accommodation solution.  They are on wheels and road registered with the NZTA.  Our lovely tiny homes are more spacious and durable for longer term living than a caravan.

Fully insulated single storey  (no difficult mezzaine floor or stairs) tiny homes located on road registered trailers in lovely neutral colours.  3.100m*8900m.   Generous kitchen, spacious shower in ensuite, great wardrobe and storage, double bedroom and twin bedroom (2 bedroom option), open plan living. Gas water heating and a compositing toilet option, 3 way gas/electric fridge option,  with the option to make your tiny home self contained and off grid capable with solar panel to roof.

Our Fleet

2 berth caravan at night
2 berth caravan at night

7.2m units $375 per week

9m units $425 per week

Transort costs to and from site additional 

3 weeks security deposit required

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Make moments.  Because in the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.

Shing Xiong