Last week I visited my sister Paula, who is a happy mother of twins. While conversing she expressed her desire of going on a vacation but at the same time her concern over the struggle she would have to go through as babies are just 3 years old. I guess this is the situation of every young parent who is in dilemma of planning a holiday. When I suggested her to plan a caravan holiday, she had a ton of questions lined up….. How would we cook, what about washroom, water, electricity and so on… On getting clarity over her concerns she got amazed and said: “Caravan is a home away from home”. Her happiness had no bounds.

Then I decided to write on Caravans, so as to give clarity to couples like her, who want to plan a holiday but are afraid of due to similar concerns like Paula.

  • As you are carrying a home on wheels with you, wherever you go, don’t worry about the eating habits of your children. You can serve them as per their need as we all know children like to have small meals but at no specific timings. In case of infants, you can warm their milk and water at any time without having to carry bottles along which are quite heavy to carry. You can see the caravan kitchen with all essentials available from Gas stove to oven and necessary utensils.
  • Another big concern is to carry a lot of stuff especially with children like their diapers, extra clothes, tissues, wipes, water, milk which is a  big task in itself and kills the mood of traveling and if you forget any of the essentials then that becomes the question of worry. On a camper holiday, you will get the feel of traveling and exploring the new places with the ease of being at home.
  • Take showers whenever you want and wherever you want. After enjoying the sunbath at the beach, if you wish to take shower and then proceed, you can fulfill your desire.
    A caravan is better than staying up in a hotel in all senses. In the afternoon, you want to take a nap to revive energy for the party in the evening, Caravan is there to serve you otherwise it would be time-consuming to go to a hotel room and then come back again.