While traveling I often create a vision of sitting in the backyard of the home, reading a newspaper and enjoying the pleasant nature and then realize, I am out on a vacation. I guess most of you can relate to it and want to do something about it.
Just imagine you found a beautiful landscape and you want to have the most of it. Awnings are dream savers in situations like this. Take Awning with you and serve you heart by making your dreams a reality.

A caravan awning is a three-sided tent that provides valuable additional floor space. It is to be attached by threading into the awning rail running along the sides and top of the caravan. Awnings bring a great difference; not just in terms of creating extra space –doubling your living area – but transforming the way in which you use your caravan.
Choosing an awning is very important as there are various types of awnings but don’t worry we have done the job for you. We will provide you the awning that fits your needs and the caravan

Awning installation is super easy. Instructions are listed in this article. Follow them and go ahead with your day.

Don’t worry about the stormy weather. Here are some pieces of advice to follow in a stormy situation.


  1. Purchase the storm-proofing kit for both corners and the middle. A storm-proofing kit consists of a 40 cm metal peg and a strong storm band.
  2. Mount the storm-proofing kit in the corners and in the middle, inside the awning. Five simple steps are all it takes:
  • Fasten the small storm band around both rafter poles.
  • Mount the long storm band in the hook of the small one.
  • Mount the other end of the long storm band in the eye of the peg.
  • Hammer the 40 cm metal peg into the ground.
  • Never fully tension the storm band. Let it remain slack, not pulling on the awning. This way, the storm-proofing kit will only come into play if the awning is about to “take off”.

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