Free information centers in New Zealand are known as i-sites

There are more than Eighty(80) i-SITEs located nationwide providing a free service to help you with your holiday.

Official Network
The i-SITE is New Zealand’s official visitor information network.   Call in to find out all the best things to do, places to stay, and ways to get there.  It is a free service to use, so an amazing helping hand if you are travelling in New Zealand.

Insider Knowledge
Every person who works at i-SITE  is a local and knows everything there is to know about their own home town.  They are able to give you great advice and help you by suggesting great local activities, attractions, and accommodation options.  i-SITE staff can help you connect with other i-SITE’s in the network if you are moving on, to ensure your holiday goes smoothly.

Are a great source of expert local knowledge and their friendly staff can help you with any bookings  you many need to make no matter where you are in New Zealand.

  • Itinerary planning and information
  • Bookings nationwide – transport, activities, attractions
  • Free maps, weather & mountain safety information
  • Local information – events, attractions, restaurants & more!

Download this i-SITE map (PDF) for details on all i-SITE Visitor Information Centres in New Zealand or view our interactive map.