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Luxury Caravan Hire

Feel at home with NZ4U2U Modern luxury caravans .  Short and long term hire available. All of our caravans are less than three years old. Each caravan includes a shower, toilet, heater, gas/electric oven, microwave, gas hobs, gas/electric fridge, cutlery, crockery, toaster, electric jug, kettle, pots and pans, linen, and all other sundry items required for the complete holiday. Your health and happiness is our top concern so, our caravans have safety equipment in them. This includes a first aid kit, smoke and LPG alarms, GPS locator and electrical mains cable.  Looking for a static caravan for longer term accommodation – see our mobile tiny homes.

Car and Caravan Combo

Well priced and modern cars equipped for caravan hire available through our preferred rental car partnerships

Fully insulated Modern

Tiny homes for rent

Fantastic space saving and efficient designs.  One and two bedroom single storey units on road registered trailers.  All our tiny homes come with a modern kitchen and ensuites which include spacious separate shower and tiolet.  These are the premium in static caravans.  A bit more width and room than a standard caravan so ideal for long term accommodation needs but with all the convenience of a caravan.

Off Grid Options Available

Self Contained units with gas ovens/hobs and heating and gas and electric fridge and water heating options along with a composting toilet option.  Solar panels to the roof.

Why hire your caravan from us?

Our motto is to provide you the best holiday experience ever. We believe in “Commitment to excellence” and our best service makes us unique.  Our caravans are light and easy to tow, completely self-sufficient with solar and water storage so you can ‘Freedom camp’ for the real kiwi experience. All our caravans come conveniently equipped with everything you need for a fantastic holiday. Each caravan has a self-containment certificate so you can go off grid and do not need to be bound by the constraints of camping grounds, and booking ahead. You can pick the best spots and go where the mood takes you.

NZ4U2U Tours

If you are planning a caravan holiday in Christchurch, North Island, and South Island then we have put together nine itineraries especially for you which will show you the best of New Zealand with Nz4u2u Modern luxury caravans to give you the comfort of being at home while exploring these exciting destinations.Each tour includes information about the distance you will travel and the time it will take, suggested overnight parking spots (free and paid) and some marvelous suggestions for fabulous things to do. You may wish to spend longer in some spots and move more quickly through some of the days than we suggest. We have allowed lots of time each day to park up the caravan and go exploring. We think there is no point in spending all of your time in travelling. This is where a caravan is so much better than a motorhome or campervan. You can park up in your chosen spot and go off exploring in your car.

Car and Caravan Combo

Our car hire partnerships provide you with the complete package.  For your convenience,we have made caravan holiday planning easy for you by setting up a special partnership to bring you a car and caravan option. The perfect car to match with your caravan. This means if you have one of our 2 berth caravans for over a month through May to August you could be touring for as little as $140 per day. Your car can be collected locally or at other locations around New Zealand. For further information contact us.
Rated top caravan hire option Checkout Top Reviews

My wife and I hired a caravan from NZ4u2u. All our dealings with them went very smoothly and the caravan supplied was in perfect order, and well provisioned. We had a wonderful holiday and would certainly recommend NZ4u2u and will be back to them when planning our next caravan trip.

Rod and Sarah BuchananCaravan Hire

We had a great holiday, the caravan towed really well and we were able to keep up with the traffic flow. The caravan was comfortable, warm and well equipped and it was handy travelling with all the conveniences on board so we could stop as we needed to. We covered a lot of miles without incident and really enjoyed ourselves

Kate and Duncan Hamilton

Amazing!!! Your caravan was beautifully presented and the places we stopped were amazing. It is such a convenient way to holiday. We followed our own route and stopped where it suited us. Would definitely do it again. Cheers to NZ4u2u for providing such a beautiful and well appointed caravan. We could not fault it. We recommend them for caravan hire.

Jan Bellaney

From beginning to end everything went very smoothly and we had a fantastic time. So much better than a motorhome. We could set up camp and then go off exploring in our car or even just down to the township to get the milk without having to break up camp. Looking for caravan hire - I would definitely recommend NZ4u2u we will use them again

David LucasCaravan Rental

We really enjoyed our caravan. In winter conditions, snowed in and very cold night... The caravan was cosy, warm, spacious and comfortable. Perfect way to get around and follow your nose . For us we followed the snow, and we got plenty.

Charlotte and Blair AndersonCaravan Rental

New Zealand

New Zealand is also known by its native Maori name, Aotearoa, meaning Land of the Long White Cloud. Indeed, New Zealand is known for its beautiful clear skies, stunning landscapes, and vistas unlike anywhere else on earth. If you come to New Zealand for the views, you will never be disappointed.  New Zealand is small in size, (similar to Japan, Italy, or Great Britain) and is home to 4.5 million people. Around its edges are white sand sub-tropical beaches, black sand volcanic ones, and rocky coastland, as well as dozens of islands. In its interior, there are volcanic plateaus, its own Southern Alps, geothermal wonderlands, rainforests, and glaciers. The climate is temperate, with a “Winterless North” and frosty south, but overall pleasant range of weather year-round. The backbone of its economy is agriculture, and it is known for its grass-fed beef and lamb, world class wines, and GM free produce. Tourism, as well as academic tourism, has become an important product as well. New Zealand has plenty of room to welcome tourists to its uncrowded, safe, and clean spaces and there’s no place like it to get away from it all while enjoying all the comforts, and luxuries, one could imagine in your home away from home. Haere Mai. Welcome.

The North Island is home to Auckland, an international, vibrant, exciting city of 1.5 million as well as the capital city, Wellington, with its university, Houses of Parliament, Te Papa National Museum and a fun eclectic feel. In between are volcanoes, mud pools, farmland, beaches, ski fields, vineyards, and the occasional Hobbit. Come explore!

The South Island is known for its vast untouched spaces, spectacular scenery, skiing, fishing, hunting, and adventure tourism. It also has one of the world’s only Night Sky Reserves, glaciers, fjords, more vineyards, and access to Stewart Island, New Zealand’s third island, a beautiful, rugged nature reserve and historic area.  Ferries make connecting the North and South Islands easy, with daily comfortable crossings.

The absolute best way to see all that New Zealand has to offer is with a caravan; at your own pace, in your own space, with no accommodation worries, and the great wide road ahead of you. Do what pleases you, throughout your trip. We offer you luxury on wheels, in your completely self-contained, comfortable and beautifully appointed caravan. Here on our website, we offer everything you need to plan this trip of a lifetime, from travel advice, to tours, to ways to communicate with other travellers, and more. Explore our website to find out more about our caravans, and your trip possibilities. To see what you could see in New Zealand, visit our tours page .

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Collect Moments, Not Things.

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beach with caravan for hireNews

Finding a Camp Site

New Zealanders are passionate about camping.   As a land of the outdoors and with unpredictable weather, it's not surprising that exploring by caravan is a preferred accommodation option  …
road with water on one side and fields on the other with caravan for hireNews

Driving in New Zealand

The best way to explore the beautiful country is by car and caravan. Leave all your worries at home and plan a holiday with Nz4u2u Modern luxury caravans on rent.If…
People enjoying Waterfall in Milford with caravan for rentNews

Things to Do

New Zealand has so many amazing  things to do Take a peek at the video gallery for a glimpse of all New Zealand has to offer   We don't know really…
people at the information desk getting help with their queries with caravan for rentNews

Information Centres

Free information centers in New Zealand are known as i-sites   There are more than Eighty(80) i-SITEs located nationwide providing a free service to help you with your holiday. Official Network The i-SITE…
Glacier with caravan for hireNews

Weather and Seasons

No matter the time of year, New Zealand's weather is great for travelling. It really is true that you can spend your morning skiing the peaks, and have a swim…
People looking at a man carving the stone with caravan for rentNews

New Zealand people

New Zealanders are known for being some of the most friendly and down-to-earth people    New Zealand has become a melting-pot population, with European,  Pacific Island, and Asian cultures adding to the…

Caravan hire with us

We want you to have the best holiday ever. Book with us.  We might be small but we care.  We know that your recommendations are the cornerstone of our business, so we want you to have a fantastic experience.

Go off grid

We think the best way to see our beautiful country is by caravan: you can stop and enjoy the view, or move on when you are ready.  Go where the mood takes you, leave your caravan parked and go exploring in the car.

No constraints

Caravans are self contained with their own kitchen and bathroom and are equipped with solar power.  This means travellers are not bound by the constraints of camp grounds and other accommodation.  


Look at our suggested caravan tours.  We have done all the thinking and planning  for you!  Need more information and help?  Just email us:

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