FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need a special driving licence to tow a caravan in New Zealand?

No all you need is an international driving licence for a car.

Will I need a special tow bar for my car?

No our caravans have been refitted with a traditional NZ 1 7/8 tow ball.   Any questions email us on info@nz4u2u.com.

Can I pick up the caravan or drop the caravan off to another location in NZ?

Generally no, we are based in Christchurch – however we can be contacted and arrangements could be made for an additional fee.  info@nz4u2u.com

Will I need bedding?

The caravan will come with a bedding hire package.  This will cost $50 for 2 people.  You must use our hire bedding.

Will I need to stay at caravan parks?

No our caravans are certified freedom camping compliant.  This means you can camp in approved freedom camping sites. 

What if I breakdown?

You can contact us on info@nz4u2u.com. 

How will I dispose of grey water (sink waste) and black water (toilet waste)?

New Zealand has many dumping stations. You are able to use these to dispose of waste.  See the NZMCA link for the dump station closest to you. www.nzmca.org.nz.