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Caravan Tours
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Caravans are better than campervans or motorhomes because you can get to your location, park the caravan,and you are free to go off exploring. There are so many places to explore and ample of things to do in New Zealand! Having the freedom to drive off in your car can be exhilarating. Select one of our caravan tours for a perfect, easy to enjoy holiday

Caravan Tours

At NZ4u2u we have developed some exclusive tours with itinerary options that will take you to the best places in New Zealand.  Choose from our selection of nine caravan tour options. Everything has been taken care of and we have allowed plenty of time each day for exploring, so you won’t just be on the road all the time.   We have included travelling distances and times, and proposed over night locations to stay (both free and paid), as well as suggested activities to enjoy along the way.

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We are in the process of finalising a “friends of NZ4u2u caravan tours” app.  This app will allow you to register  and make yourself virtually visible on the caravan tours app.  This way you can enter in your plans and connect with other travellers who are planning the same or similar tours. When you are travelling, you can select to make yourself visible and connect via the app with other NZ4u2u “friends”.  Select one of our caravan tours for the best adventure you will ever have.


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Travel time and distance calculator

Use this distance calculator to get an approximate travel time and distance between two points in New Zealand.
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